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Love the service!

Good price and prompt service....gotta love getting tires rotated and a full oil change and lube for a $20 dollar bill


I needed a car TODAY! on my way to work I gave Chris a call at the Niagara St store, and he explained that all vehicles must go thru NYS inspection and a 120 point inspection prior to sale, but he had one car that he was sure would fit my needs and wouldn't need anything to pass inspection. So I set my eyes upon this 2003 Jetta Turbo. Chris was contemplating keeping it for himself since it was low miles, and it was evident a considerable amount of work was done to the Turbo and exhaust (Brand new) he said he could probably have it done, inspected, Oil changed and new brakes by the time I was out of work today. So I set off on a test drive, and immediately fell in love with the Jetta TURBO. very fast, responsive and perfect for my needs. went back to talk with Chris, I offered him the asking price, and gave deposit. off I went to work 4 hours later I received a text that all was done and I could pickup after work. HE even transferred my Plates and registration to my new car! how cool is that? no long DMV lines. I have a car salesman for life now, Chris was, as he puts it, painfully honest, and has no problem losing a sale if he doesn't think you will be happy. for him, its not about the money or the sale, its about creating lifelong relationships with his customers, their families and friends... Very refreshing.... Bill

Nice SUV at a great price, never an easier deal in

i was looking for an inexpensive CUV/SUV and walked into the lot on Niagara Street not expecting much.

To my surprise Chris was waiting on a delivery of some vehicles, and they showed up while i was there.

My Wife and I ended up falling in love with a 2008 Suzuki SX4, and it was $3500.00 lower than Basil Resale for the same car with less miles! no high pressure sales, nothing. just a friendly and incredibly knowledgeable salesman, who knew the ins and outs and positives and negatives of every vehicle on the lot, and with a few questions can point you at a vehicle and tell that youll like it.

45 minutes later, Chris arranged financing, and with just $500 down we drove away in our new car.

He even called someone to bring lunch and coffee... we are now HUGE fans of Wegmans Submarine Sandwiches!

I have to say this was by far the smoothest and easiest car buying experience ive ever encountered. He called his friend from down the road to come and detail the car, wash it and even sent him to purchase floor mats. We even got the 2 year unlimited mile warranty with no deductible or up front cost for less than a third of what Basil Resale was going to charge us.  since we were in a rush to get it done and head out for the holiday weekend he even gave us a hand written note to take it in for FREE service, oil change, tire rotation and detail when its due again.

My wife was so impressed with the smoothness of the situation and the way Chris handled us as if we were elderly relatives, that shes even bringing him one of her famous Apple pies as a thank you gift.

You cant go wrong with Chris, And Everything Automotive.

Allen and Betty Weinberg

Kia Spectra w 44k miles for how much??

was tired and frustrated going from dealer to dealer, all the extra FEES were B.S, and I just wanted a low mile fuel efficient car for $4500.00 or less including fees


driving down main street in Tonawanda heading home I saw one last place I never tried.

Everything Automotive.

Stopped in and asked for a cheap, no frills car with low miles. told em EXACTLY what I wanted to spend, and no more. no "extras" warranties or scotch guard etc.


Chris took me right outside, showed me a 06 Kia Spectra and said "look, the stereo (a really nice pioneer DVD head unit with Bluetooth and hands free phone) probably cost $1000.00 bucks installed, but you want it, ill give it to you for $4500 cash, and you can transfer your plates and insurance to it yourself"


I loved the car. and bought it 15 minutes after the test drive. 


as a follow up, the AC blend knob was broken, Chris said he would order the part and install it the second it came in.

True to his word, 3 days later he came to my job site, with a brand new part, installed it and thanked me for my business.

I really think I have found one of the best used car dealerships in the area.  $20 oil changes and even free Inspections. and I got a great car for thousands less than the "BIG" guys..

Thanks Chris, and Sam.


Service after the sale

We bought a used kia with very low mileage, as is the normal, the car developed an issue as any used car will, and 10.000 miles later destroyed the engine due to our own lack of proper maintenance.

We really thought we were screwed since we had no warranty.

Little did we know Everything Automotive does this deal where if you bought a car from them they will fix it for less than cost as part of the customer/dealer relationship.


after over 6 estimates in the high 3k range, Sam and Chris took the car in, and $600.00 later had the engine repaired.. 2 years later still running strong. ive allowed Everything Automotive to do the maintenance on ALL my vehicles now, and they catch the small things before they become big, and save us thousands In doing so,

Thanks Chris!


The Kennedys